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Planning and design is a vital part of any project and Brocks Compass provides a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally responsible fit-out and refurbishment service from basic additions to complete renovation.

We provide a fully inclusive project management service specialising in all types of commercial property on projects up to £500k.

Throughout each project we pride ourselves in being the sole point of responsibility for delivery of service. We accurately control what happens during the project from initial design through to construction.

With Brocks Compass you can manage your business and with the advantage of dealing with one company, we will proudly manage every aspect of your project.

Save more by going sustainable

Brocks Compass offers the best in designing a sustainable work space. Designing sustainable offices with us would not cost you any more than building a customary office.

Additionally, a sustainable office uses less energy, so not only will it save you money but it will reduce your impact on the environment. It will also be a great way to show your dedication towards making the earth a safer place to live in.

Brocks Compass is a sustainable Company itself, so we know all about displaying our carbon footprint. So why not build a better reputation for your Company and go green and sustainable with Brocks Compass.