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E-Procurement Systems

Through our unique secure Documaster online system our clients can view and control their account, real time information 24/7 giving full visibility to the user.

Documaster is a single streamlined process allowing you to control; orders, templates, product catalogues, stock level and much more.

Your print is a statement about the quality of your company. It must look consistent wherever it is being used. Documaster guarantees this with safeguards that ensure your corporate identity rules are never breached.

Forget the time-wasting routines of writing, faxing, phoning and briefing with Documaster electronic templates, you can save Time and Money by producing your own proofs online within seconds, thereby eliminating the tedious repetitive paperwork and administration costs. Ordering, editing and proof-reading through your own customised site couldn’t be easier.

Full visibility online with an option to allow managers to review order details and on-screen proofs before granting authorisation gives you the ability to control and monitor your print requirements with ease.

The ability to change templates quickly and effectively for re-brands or office moves takes away the headache of tight timescales.

Save even further time with our easy-to-use electronic Product Catalogue showing PDF examples of each item and real time visibility of stock levels.

How You Benefit

  • Save time: No more paper. No more administration. No more delays.
  • Cut Costs: Use our inventory management systems for more efficient, longer print runs
  • Easy Operation: with our complete end to end service that eliminates all the fuss.
  • Brand Integrity: is guaranteed with pre-designed templates and layout rules backed by over a century of print craftsmanship
  • Fingertip Information from comprehensive on-line reports that provide the figures you need
  • Peace of Mind: is ensured through password protected user accounts and authorisation management features
  • Quality Assured: as all our work is conducted to the stringent requirements of ISO9001:2000

Product Catalogue:

Longer print runs means lower unit costs. You can take advantage of this and ensure ‘off-the-shelf’ delivery with Documaster’s online stock management system. We’ll store what you don’t immediately need, ready for your call-off. If you require it, automatic stock monitoring can alert you whenever stocks fall below a pre-determined threshold.

This can be centralised purchasing within one department, or can be provided direct to users so they can manage their own print collateral management. Either way your organization will be in complete control with multi-level password access and comprehensive online reports for complete visibility.

  • Easy to use system showing PDF examples of each item to ensure ease and accuracy of ordering
  • Facility to view “real time” stock levels.
  • Full visibility and control of stock holding & distribution storage locations enabling more efficient print management information and control
  • You can see in an instant who’s buying what, as well as providing instant access to manage your print.